Only one month left to register!

Registrations for IPT 2016 end in one month. The deadline for registrations is 15th December 2015, 11:59 pm (GMT +1).

To date, the current registered teams are :

Updates on that list are available on the registration page.

Preselection and registrations

A maximum of 15 teams can participate in the International Physicists’ Tournament 2016. Four seats are by default attributed to the previous edition’s finalists (Ukraine, Denmark and France) and to the host country (France). If more than 11 teams register for the remaining seats, the IOC will engage an international preselection procedure. If two or more teams from the same country register, the IOC will engage a national preselection procedure to determine which team will represent its country. If both national and international preselection procedures must be engaged, they will take place simultaneously, the best national team being automatically qualified for the international preselection.

You can find more informations about the preselection processes in the IPT Official Rules (Sect. 1.4).

In short : if you want to participate to IPT 2016, register NOW!

Only one month left to register!